Sean | May 23, 2019
Valley of Fires

Our little family spent a few days at Valley of Fires 
where we were pleasantly surprised to find the
views from every campsite are absolutely

Over the week, we made several walks along the
interpretive trail where you can really get a close
up of the lava flows...

After cooling down a few thousand years ago, tons
of plants and critters have made their home
among the malpais.

Along the trail we met a couple of friends!
A collared lizard and a horned lizard!


The four winds make Valley of Fires a bird and a
birders playground.
Birds are constantly soaring above the beautiful
landscape riding the waves of the wind.

If you're at the main viewpoint just beyond the
parking area, you're sure to find a couple of
swallows who've made their home under the
protection of the roof!

Many birds find their way to the plethora of cacti
within the lava fields, some taking a moment to
bask among the rocks. While others spend the
afternoon enjoying the airspace!


The sights along the interpretive trail are fantastic!

You can't really top a sunset like this every night!

Valley of FiresViews sunset camping BLM lava malpais birds lizards wildlife