From A to Z: The Biography of Arthur W. Zimmerman
Southwest Natural and Cultural Heritage Association (PLIA)
Larry L. Woodard, Mary Zimmerman, Joe Sovick
Ralph Leon
From A to Z: The Biography of Arthur W. Zimmerman: As one goes through life, a handful of unforgetable individuals remain stamped in one's memory. One such individual for Bureau of Land Management employees of the 1960's to 1980's was Art Zimmerman. By the late 1970's, Art had emerged from the ranks of the BLM middle managers as one of the truly outstanding State Directors. His personal efforts to maintain sound resource management practices on public lands during the 'Sagebrush Rebellion' have largely gone unnoticed. But it was not his accomplishments in the field of natural resource management that attracted people to him, it was Art himself. This booklet is an attempt to capture the character of a man who was not only a Marine hero emerging from the dust, death, and destruction on Iwo Jima, but also a family man and distinguished resource manager whose career ended in 1980 when he retired as the New Mexico State Director of the Bureau of Land Management.